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Abbott Burke Associates Limited and PTH Group Limited have been acquired by the BHSF Group and we are currently in the process of rebranding our business to BHSF Occupational Health Limited. A new consolidated website is under construction.

BHSF Occupational Health is a well-established provider of occupational health services with a proven track record. The company enables businesses to meet their performance and productivity objectives by finding solutions to workplace health issues. It delivers high-quality employee health services through a combination of on-site, mobile and remote working.

Good occupational health helps you:

  • maintain a healthy and motivated workforce
  • prevent ill-health and accidents at work
  • minimise sickness absence
  • better manage your staff
  • better manage your business

BHSF Occupational Health aims to improve the impact of health on work and of work on health. The team of professionals delivers continuously improving workplace health solutions; this service is tailored to the individual needs of clients.

BHSF Occupational Health will help you to determine the right programme for your organisation.

Please click the link to be redirected to the PTH Group website which details the offering along with contact information.

BHSF Occupational Health looks forward to hearing from you.