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Corporate Responsibility

It is BHSF's aim to be a responsible employer and a good member of the community.

We believe strongly that a business like ours should act in an ethical and socially-responsible way and that we should put something back into society as part and parcel of our business operations.

Our history, from our foundation in 1873, is one of service to the community. An eminent Birmingham surgeon, Joseph Sampson Gamgee, proposed that in addition to the annual Hospital Sunday, when churches gave all their collections to the voluntary hospitals, there should also be a Hospital Saturday with special collections. In particular, he suggested that workers be invited to work overtime on one Saturday afternoon in the year, especially to donate their earnings to the Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund for distribution to voluntary hospitals. From these modest beginnings, similar organisations sprang up in other cities and towns and there are now over six million people insured under schemes which began in this way.

CSR Partners

BHSF has an extensive CSR programme and a strong corporate commitment to the community. The programme has been running since 2004 and there are now seven chosen charity partners, largely based in Birmingham. There is a dedicated internal CSR team which meets with each charity partner on a regular basis and coordinates all CSR activities. Each year we spend time understanding our partners' needs, reviewing the support we provide to them to see that we continue to make a positive contribution, and identifying the most effective ways in which we can help. As well as cash grants, there is a programme of support involving colleagues donating their time and expertise to each of the partners.

It is important that a company such as BHSF does not lose sight of its roots and the positive impact that it is able to have on its community. BHSF is empowering its local community to always strive to achieve the best it can.

Further information about our CSR activities are found in BHSF Group Limited's Annual Report and Accounts. To download a copy of this please click here

Best of Health

Best of health book

To mark its 130th anniversary, BHSF published a history of the company, 'Best of Health'.

If you wish to view the history of BHSF you can download the book here

Customer care

In the event of a complaint, you should write to us at the address on our contact page or telephone us on 0121 629 1297, quoting your policy number. If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint is dealt with you may refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service, whose details will be provided in our response to you.

The Financial Ombudsman Service will only consider your complaint if you have first addressed the matter through our complaints process and received our response.