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Pay4Sure sick pay insurance

Do you have a company sick pay policy? Are your employees financially protected if they were to be ill or injured for an extended period of time?

Help support the financial wellbeing of your employees during times of extended illness or injury, and fulfil your duty of care by providing access to Pay4Sure sick pay insurance.

Did you know?

  • Each year one million workers find themselves unable to work due to a serious illness or injury1
  • With the average household spend at £5312 per week and statutory sick pay at only £88.453 per week, your employees may find it difficult to cope financially if they find themselves unable to work.

Pay4Sure provides a substitute income if an employee finds themselves unable to work due to long-term illness or injury. Pay4Sure demonstrates a duty of care to your employees helping you to better manage long-term sickness and foster good relationships with your employees. Pay4Sure gives employees peace of mind allowing them to focus on getting better and returning to work. Employees can choose from up to £500, £1,000 or £1,500 benefit level per month.

Pay4Sure includes:
  • 24/7 counselling and information helpline - provides an early source of practical and emotional support for employees, advice on legal, medical, health and wellbeing issues, as well as offering a counselling service and information on financial matters, including a debt advice service
  • GP consultation service - access to a fully-qualified GP via a 24/7, 365 days-a-year telephone helpline

Pay4Sure sick pay insurance is completely free to you as an employer. Premiums are employee-funded through convenient payroll deduction. The policy is taken out by you, the employer, and gives your employees the option to opt in. Our dedicated team of advisers can visit your workplace and explain to your employees what Pay4Sure is, and how they can join their employer-supported sick pay insurance.

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2 ONS -, Accessed April 2016.
3 GOV.UK - Accessed April 2016

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What our customers say

The Flexsme system from BHSF is not only easy to use and great to look at, but it offers a kind of 'one size fits all' formula. Plus, thanks to BHSF's 'not-for-profit' standing, it is offered at an incredible cost that simply can't be ignored.
Client HR Manager
BHSF provides us with a very good Employee Assistance Programme. A representative from BHSF attends regular induction days to welcome all our new employees. It is a really effective way of getting the information out to all new starters, and has proved very successful. We are extremely pleased with the service we receive.
Client HR Manager
We have worked closely with BHSF to provide a range of benefits that we now offer to our staff. As part of this we have access to their excellent Employee Assistance Programme which gives valuable support and advice. The service we receive from BHSF has always been first class and we would recommend them and their EAP wholeheartedly.
Client HR Director
Benefits Booklets
I was looking for an EAP as well as a range of other employee benefits and for us, BHSF was the natural choice. Together we are able to bring together a benefits programme for our staff and present this through a Benefits Booklet which carries our own company branding and message.
Client Head of Compensation and Benefits
Network Benefits
BHSF clearly stood out on value and of course we know their customer service to be good from previous experience. Our staff can now conveniently and easily access hundreds of employee benefits at the click of a mouse, allowing the company to communicate new offers to the whole workforce in a consistent manner.
Client HR Manager

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