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BHSF teams up with leading dance institution


Midlands-based health insurer and employee benefits provider BHSF has shown its support to one of the world’s leading dance institutions.  Trinity Laban, based in Greenwich, London, is the UK’s only conservatoire of music and contemporary dance and a leader in education in this field. 


BHSF has donated funds to the ‘Trinity Laban Dancer Benevolent Fund’ which helps dancers who sustain injuries to receive the treatment they need to carry on dancing.  All students at Trinity Laban are encouraged to take out BHSF’s Cash4Health plan, which allows them to claim money back towards costs of treatment.  Statistics show that 80% of dancers will be injured every year, so being able to claim back for the costs of this makes a huge difference to students at Trinity Laban.  Whilst these injuries vary in severity, dancers are in regular need of physical intervention be that physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture or the like.


Some however, still struggle with treatment costs; Katherine Watkins of Trinity Laban said:


We have struggled to be able to provide treatment for this small group of dancers.  This situation changed with the donation by BHSF to the Dancer Benevolent Fund at Trinity Laban. Due to the generous funds received from BHSF we have been able to help all those dancers who could otherwise not have afforded such necessary treatment.


“The fund has made an incredible difference to the students and the therapists, who can now provide treatment without being acutely aware that the student might not actually be able to afford it.”


The Trinity Laban Dancer Benevolent Fund is a parallel fund to the more widely available Musician Benevolent Fund and has allowed dancers access to vital funds.  Brian Hall, Sales and Marketing Director at BHSF said:  “It is great that BHSF can support such a prestigious institution as Trinity Laban in a way that makes such a major difference.  BHSF heard the story of one student who had seen an NHS Consultant and was advised to cease her studies due to the severity of her condition; the cost of the treatment needed for her to recover would have been far more than she was able to afford.  With intensive physiotherapy and Pilates, this student not only completed all components of her Dance degree course, but is now better than she was before her injury.  Had it not been for BHSF’s support of the Dancer Benevolent Fund, she would have left the course in her first year and would not have been able to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities on offer at Trinity Laban.


“BHSF is committed to the wellbeing of others and success stories like this allow us to see how much of a positive difference BHSF can truly make.”


For more information about Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, visit


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