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Claim forms now being sent to Slough

As part of our overall plan to digitalise our health cash plan business, we are continually looking for ways to improve our processes. As part of this, we have moved a small part of the claims process to Slough, where claims are now read and processed digitally through Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) - technology that enables us to convert paper claim forms into a digital format.

The paper claims we receive are handled within a secure environment and, once scanned into our system, are then digitally transferred to our Birmingham office for processing as usual. The transition will be seamless to our customers, but will allow us to greatly reduce the risk of data breaches and improve our efficiency.

Another major benefit is that this change has reduced our environmental impact. As part of our wider digitalisation plan we are printing less paper, filling less envelopes, packing less cardboard boxes and couriering less packages – that’s great news for the environment!

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