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BHSF goes digital

Over our 146 year history, we have sought to provide the best possible service to our customers. In this spirit, we will move transactions online for all of our health cash plan policies, which typically fund optical, dental and therapeutic treatments. Going forward, we will broaden our focus on a wider range of health and wellbeing products that offer a greater positive impact on workplace wellbeing.

From January 2020 new corporate customers will be able to access an enhanced streamlined offer via, whilst the employees within our existing 3500+ corporate customers will now be able to join their company’s current scheme, update their information and make claims online. 

Speaking at our Birmingham HQ, CEO Ian Galer confirmed “we plan to have the programme fully implemented for the start of 2020 and see this as a real step forward for the business. By taking advantage of new technology and moving towards greater automation, we believe we can significantly increase the value we offer to our customers and policy holders. At the same time, we can provide the instant service that today’s employees expect.

The future for this business is much greater than just health cash plans, ensuring employees have access to the best possible support for their health and wellbeing is in our DNA. To be true to this objective, changing the focus of the business is vital in order to remain effective and relevant to our customers. We believe investing in new products and services is exactly the right approach to ensure BHSF can continue to support employees when they need help the most, both now and in the future.

These changes are designed to make life easier for employees and employers alike. A key aspiration is to provide real-time information to them through a dedicated portal. This more efficient approach will ensure data is verified far quicker and in turn improve the wellbeing experience for employees and reduce the admin time for employers.”

Asked about the changes, Chief Commercial Officer Brian Hall said “across its history, this business has reinvented itself many times. If you look back prior to the NHS, our main role was providing hospitals, whereas today we are increasingly focusing on mental health initiatives and employee engagement tools of which our health cash plans are just one component. Whilst they might not recognise the technology, I’m sure our founders would recognise our desire to continue to make a positive impact and our resolve to maintain and develop the not-for-profit model.”

This digitalisation programme closely follows the launch of our Connect app which empowers employees to make the most of their benefits, with access anytime, anywhere. Both initiatives illustrate BHSF’s desire to evolve, always working to meet their customer’s ever changing needs.


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