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Care4 life insurance

Many of us will never have considered death planning, but did you know...

With Care4 life insurance, a cash lump sum on death is payable to your estate. The money can be spent in any way, maybe as an investment for your loved ones or to act as a funeral insurance to cover funeral expenses.

Death planning is something that many of us may not have considered but did you know...

  • Between 2004 and 2011, the average cost of a funeral in the UK rose from just under £2,000 to just over £3,000 - an increase of about 60%*
  • The additional costs of flowers, memorial stones, announcements, catering at a wake etc., have spiralled to an average of £7,248*

*Source: Sun Life Direct's Cost of Dying Report 2011

Things to know about Care4:

  • Choose from either £5,000, £10,000 or £20,000 benefit level
  • Individual and couple cover available
  • Subject to the terms of the insurance, the benefit is payable to your estate after your death
  • Anyone aged 18-69, who normally resides in the United Kingdom, can apply for cover
  • Premiums are based on the level of cover you choose and the age of the oldest person to be insured
  • Premiums increase with age and are based on the age of the oldest person insured
  • The sum insured is paid tax-free under current legislation

Care4 Life insurance premiums

Age band Monthly premium payable by direct debit
£5,000 benefit level £10,000 benefit level £20,000 benefit level
Individual Couple Individual Couple Individual Couple
18 - 40 £2.00 £4.00 £2.70 £5.40 £4.40 £8.80
41 - 45 £2.10 £4.20 £2.85 £5.70 £4.80 £9.60
46 - 50 £2.40 £4.80 £3.20 £6.40 £5.60 £11.20
51 - 55 £2.80 £5.60 £4.00 £8.00 £7.20 £14.40
56 - 60 £3.60 £7.20 £5.60 £11.20 £10.10 £20.20
61 - 65 £4.50 £9.00 £7.60 £15.20 £13.80 £27.60
66 - 69 £6.60 £13.20 £11.60 £23.20 £21.80 £43.60

Cover is available for anyone from the age of 18. Couple premiums are based on the age of the oldest adult to be insured. Cover ceases on the premium due date following your 70th birthday.

To apply today call 0800 622 552 and be reassured in knowing that you have done all you can to help.

Let Care4 life insurance help towards saving your loved ones from financial pressures and worries. Request an application form today or call 0800 622 552.

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