A high wire with no safety net

An analysis of the risks posed by sick leave on employee finances

"Employers who do not act now to help employees, risk causing irreparable damage to their talent pipeline"

-Trained money coach,
Jo Thresher

From this report, you will learn:

  • How financially stable the UK's working population is
  • How finances can have a major impact on employee wellbeing
  • What affect financial stress has on productivity
  • How to support employees to be more financially resilient

Why you should read this:

Most employees are living with a false sense of security in regard to their financial health. The reality is much different. Employees that are feeling stressed because of financial problems struggle to know where to turn for help. This report will help employers take the lead, providing the right support for their employees and equipping them with the tools they need during financial crisis.

  • Section 1 - Income, savings and debt
  • Section 2 - Financial resilience
  • Section 3 - Financial stress and its impact on mental wellbeing
  • Section 4 - The safety net
  • Expert view - Jo Thresher - Better with Money
Nearly a third of the entire UK workforce answered that financial worries have affected their job performance

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