It is of course exam results season, so there’s much rejoicing of top grades far and wide. We are delighted to join the celebrations by shouting about that fact that our psychological healthcare services arm has been awarded APPTS accreditation status by the Royal College of Psychiatry, the highest level of clinical approval in the UK.

TERC or ‘The Employee Resilience Company’ delivers comprehensive support to millions of UK employees, through our BHSF RISE product, thanks to an extensive team of counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health educators, plus experts on trauma, stress, mediation and resilience.

The prestigious mark of approval truly validates the mental health support excellence BHSF RISE and TERC is delivering. We are extremely proud to be part of TERC and so pleased for managing director Tracey Paxton and her team.

Tracey Paxton, managing director of TERC:

“We are delighted to have received APPTS accreditation and recognition for the team’s on-going commitment to delivering high quality, safe and efficient care. This will provide reassurance for people accessing the service about the quality of care they can expect to receive. Well done to all the team who deliver this important and much needed service.”

The APPTS (Accreditation Programme for Psychological Therapies Services) is awarded by the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Combined Committee and assessment is a reassuringly thorough process. A team of trained reviewers from the Royal College of Psychiatrists assess a service through focus groups with staff, clients, and other stakeholders, reviewing evidence and data, before making a decision.

The accreditation holds great value because it takes into account these opinions and a service can only be accredited if the clinical and operational frameworks are robust and auditable, and clients are satisfied with the overall quality.

APPTS assessors captured a wealth of opinions within TERC’s report, commenting that the service was very ‘user-centred and collaborative, with client views and preferences taken into account throughout all stages of contact’. Of particular note was that TERC was seen as a ‘solid, thorough, and caring service to work for, with both client and staff wellbeing at the heart of everything.’ That the service is ‘highly responsive, caring and culturally-aware’ is vital for individuals who need assessing and managing quickly and sensitively.

The accreditation lasts three years with interim annual reviews to ensure excellent service levels are being upheld.

Heidi Stewart, BHSF group chief executive adds: “We are thrilled our services have received this official recognition from APPTS assessors. The employers that we work with know that our support consistently goes the distance in terms of connecting individuals with the specialist mental health skills required quickly and accessibly. That TERC’s services are now underpinned by such a significant accreditation, is further evidence of this quality and ability to make a real difference, no matter the complexity of a case.

“Relying on accredited health and wellbeing services to instil ‘health is wealth’ values across all business sectors is key to support the emotional and physical wellbeing of employees during these unprecedented times, and through the recovery years to follow.”

For more information on the tailored support and specialist skills offered by BHSF and TERC, to help clients keep their employees physically, mentally and financially healthy, call 0121 454 3601 or visit