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Health cash plan

Offer relief, not just coverage. Help your clients' employees afford essential healthcare trips with our low-cost monthly policy.

  • Give your clients' teams affordable dental care, reducing employee absences and maximising happiness.
  • Empower employees with cash back on glasses, contacts, and even laser surgery.
  • Foster a work environment promoting wellbeing, efficiency, and peak performance.
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Income protection insurance

Reduce stress and costs with financial and mental wellbeing support for your clients' teams during long-term absence.

  • Offer easy access to essential financial security with our tailored solutions.
  • Make a real difference. Up to £2,000¹ per month can cover unexpected expenses, medical bills, or family emergencies, truly impacting employees' lives.
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Personal accident insurance

Offer your clients a safety net for employees facing unexpected accidents. We handle the financial burden, they focus on healing.

  • Offer your clients' employees a financial lifeline of up to £500,000² to navigate through challenging times.
  • Show you care with comprehensive family insurance, setting your clients apart in the competition.
  • Employees can cover themselves and their children for as little as £3.72 a month.
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Life insurance

Offer affordable life insurance to your clients' employees and show you care about their future.

  • Affordable life insurance starting at £2.70 a month builds trust and reduces stress for your clients' teams.
  • Offer Individual & Couple Cover: a win-win for security and loyalty.
  • Setting your clients apart with up to £20,000³ in coverage.
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Supercharge your client's employee value proposition.

Our solutions extend beyond the workplace, offering savings and support across your clients' daily lives.

Invest in your clients' wellbeing, not just their bottom line.

Partner with us, a profit-for-good organisation driven by positive impact.

Over 150 years of wisdom, cutting-edge care.

Show clients you prioritise employee wellbeing with impactful solutions, proven for generations.

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¹Income Protection - Maximum benefit, category D. Claim for a maximum of 6 months in any one 12 month period from the start/renewal date of your policy

²Personal Accident - Permanent and incurable paralysis of all four limbs, gold cover

³Life Insurance - Individual/Couple cover, £20,000 benefit level

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