About us

We are a profit-for-good health and wellbeing provider.

Proudly improving lives since 1873, we empower workplaces to thrive by keeping employees physically, mentally and financially healthy.

Our Purpose

We aim to positively impact the lives of the people we reach, and we aspire to become the leading provider of health and wellbeing services in the UK. Our services range from occupational health to employee benefits, mental health support to health insurance. It doesn't matter if your business has 10 or 10,000 employees - we have something to suit everyone. Friendly and down-to-earth, we are always on your side. And because we are a profit-for-good provider, your needs come first, every time.

BHSF factory workers


As a factory worker in Birmingham 1873, a small accident at work could send you and your family into poverty.

The opening of BHSF's first convalescent home


The opening of BHSF's first convalescent home, Tyn-Y-Coed.

Mulberry Harbour workers


BHSF's convalescent homes are used to house the Mulberry Harbour workers who played a vital role in the D-Day Landings.

Ludgate Hill, Birmingham


The introduction of Health Cash Plan schemes marks a pivotal moment as they become the primary focus of our operations.

Keith Gorton presentation


Numerous Hospital Saturday Funds and similar organisations merge, among them The Health Scheme, which joins BHSF in 2001.

BHSF today


Remaining true to our roots, we continue to be an accessible wellbeing provider for working people, all over the nation.

Our people

Head shot of Stuart Hayhurst

Stuart Hayhurst

Interim Chief Executive

Head shot of Sara Fowler

Sara Fowler

Non-Executive Chair

Head shot of Tom Ross

Tom Ross

Chief Finance Officer

Head shot of Adam Lea

Adam Lea

Chief Risk Officer

Head shot of Courtney Marsh

Courtney Marsh

Chief Pricing & Underwriting Officer

Head shot of Neil Fisher

Neil Fisher

Sales & Marketing Director

Head shot of Jo Chance

Jo Chance

Director of OH Operations

Head shot of Jaz Saggu

Jaz Saggu

Non-Executive Director

Head shot of Caroline Coates

Caroline Coates

Non-Executive Director

Head shot of Gary Cowdrill

Gary Cowdrill

Non-Executive Director

Head shot of Alison McKinna

Alison McKinna

Non-Executive Director

Head shot of Darren Hickman

Darren Hickman

Non-Executive Director

Head shot of Alice Childs

Alice Childs

Company Secretarial Manager

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