Empower your employees to prioritise their health, both on and off the clock, and unlock their full potential with our company health cover.

Variety and affordability combined.

Find the financial protection that suits your employees and your bottom line.

Beyond just the employee - prioritise the wellbeing of their loved ones.

Empower your team with protection against life's challenges.

Build lasting loyalty.

Attract and retain the best with a benefits package that resonates far beyond salary.

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over 5,000 companies

Health Cash Plan

Make essential healthcare accessible and affordable

Our monthly policy helps employees spread out the cost of dental and optical care, easing financial stress.

  • Keep your team smiling with affordable dental care (checkups, treatments, dentures) and reduce absenteeism.
  • Cash back on glasses, contacts, even laser surgery empowers employees to see their best and thrive at work.
  • Affordable chiropractic care and physiotherapy keeps your team moving freely and improve productivity.
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Income Protection Insurance

Support your employees' financial and mental wellbeing during long-term sick leave, promoting faster recovery and a smooth return to work

  • Simplify access to essential financial security for your team. You offer the connection, we offer the solution.
  • Provide employees with financial support of up to £2,000¹ per month.
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Life Insurance

Offer affordable life insurance to your employees and show you care about their future

  • Empower your employees with affordable choices. Offer them the coverage they need at a price they can afford, starting at £2.70² a month.
  • Individual or Couple Cover empowers employees to secure their families' future.
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Cancer Insurance

Go beyond standard benefits

Offer cancer cover to demonstrate your commitment to your employees' long-term wellbeing.

  • Empower your employees to focus on their health, not finances, with a cancer cover offering a substantial cash payment of up to £20,000³.
  • Our cancer cover goes beyond finances with instant access to valuable resources like a GP helpline, private prescription service, and personal nurse advisor.
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Show your employees you care about their health.

Our flexible, cost-effective plans offer comprehensive coverage, ensuring they have access to the care they deserve.

Make a difference together

Partner with a company driven by impact, not profit, to create a positive work environment where wellbeing thrives.

Trust established, results delivered.

Over 150 years of innovation for cutting-edge solutions that drive long term employee wellbeing.

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¹Income Protection - maximum benefit D

²Individual Cover, £5,000 benefit level

³Serious Illness Cover - Category A, Platinum level

Invest in your most valuable asset

We offer comprehensive employee benefits that reduce financial worries, prioritise physical and mental wellbeing, and provide access to specialists, fostering a valued and secure work environment.

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