Health cash plans

Support your family's wellbeing without the financial burden. Our health cash plans offer money back for many of your wellbeing needs.

Claim back expenses.

Get money back for everyday health and wellbeing solutions for you, your children and your partner.

Claims paid within 24 hours^.

We're quick to turn your claim around.

Children covered for free.

Your kids are covered at no extra cost1.

Pick your plan, pay monthly.

Four choices, one perfect fit.

What's included?

Dental & Optical benefits

Money back on dental costs. Including check-ups, treatments, cleaning and polishing, braces, dentures and more.

Money back on optical costs. Covering prescription glasses and sunglasses, contact lenses, eye tests and laser eye surgery.

What's included?

Therapies & Chiropody

Money back on therapies. Covering physiotherapy, osteopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy and reflexology.

Money back on Chiropody. Consultations, assessment and treatment.

What's included?

Diagnostic procedures

Money back for diagnostic consultations.

Partners & children

Extend cover to your loved ones

We cover children under 18 at no extra cost. Partners can be included too for an additional cost.

For a full list of what is covered please read our full policy details.

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How it works

Budget for the unexpected

You'll be able to claim back all or part of the cost.
1) Pay a low monthly premium. Think of it as your healthcare piggy bank.
2) Visit the dentist, optician, physio (and more). We cover a wide range of services.
3) Send us the receipt, we send you cash back2. It's that simple.


Pay monthly to spread the costs

Just pay a monthly premium and you can soon start claiming back all or part of the cost for eligible expenses. Our health cash plans start from £8.40 3. To see the full list of prices please read our policy document.

What's not included

What's not included in our cash plans

  • Pre-existing conditions for hospital benefits are not covered for 2 years
  • A 10-month qualifying period applies to the Birth and Adoption of a Child benefit
  • Cataract surgery
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Foster children are excluded

For a full list of what is covered and what isn't covered please read our full policy details.

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Frequently asked questions

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Claims processed within 24 hours

Things you need to know

^ Claims are typically processed within 24 hours: Data sample collected from 1st October 2023 - 31st December 2023.
1 Children must be under 18 years old and live in the same household as you.
2 The amount you can claim back depends on your maximum limit – details can be found in the policy terms and conditions.
3 Based on bronze personal cover. Includes Insurance Premium Tax.

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