Personal accident insurance

Financial support for when an accident happens.

Don't let finances cloud your recovery.

We'll protect your loved ones, so you can heal peacefully.

Ditch the worry, pack the memories.

We've got your financial safety net, so you can explore lighter and focus on the amazing.

Share the safety net.

Family under one roof, covered under one plan. Peace of mind starts here.

Claim it, conquer it. Recovery starts now.

Recovery's rough, benefits shouldn't be. Simple, fast, stress-free.

What's included?

Worried about falling? We've got your back...and everything else

If you need to take time off work to heal after an accident, we'll provide a substantial lump sum payment up to £500,000¹ to help you weather the financial storm. Focus on getting better, knowing your expenses are covered.

How it works

Forget monthly payments and tedious paperwork

You will be instantly protected from the date your Personal Accident Insurance starts. Direct debit takes away the hassle of your monthly repayments.

What's covered

Personal accident cover across a range of injuries:

  • Fracture(s) from broken arms, legs, wrists, ankles and more
  • Loss of the senses. Covering hearing loss and sight
  • Permanent Disability. Which lasts for at least 52 consecutive weeks and will likely cause permanent inability to work.

Plus a whole lot more.

What's not covered

What isn't covered

  • War/civil commotion/terrorism
  • Misuse of drugs and alcohol/suicide/attempted suicide/self-inflicted injury
  • Dangerous activities including racing, snowboarding, skiing, diving, mountaineering and white water rafting, etc.
  • Illness not related to an injury
  • Currently unavailable due to active military service or extended leave outside the UK (over 3 months).

Full breakdown of coverage here.


Peace of mind doesn't have to cost a fortune

We offer three levels of cover and the option to add your family with monthly premiums starting from as low as £3.96² (including insurance premium tax). Remember, eligibility requires UK residency and you must be 16 or over when you apply.

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Additional benefits

Children are automatically included

For individual cover, it's just you, but good news for parents: your kids are automatically included!

Extend the protection to your partner, as well as your little ones with our family cover. All children are covered until they hit the big 1-8, or if they stay in full-time education and live with you, their safety net extends until they're 23.

Frequently asked questions


Need to know

¹Based on Gold cover, Quadriplegia benefit.

²Based on Bronze Individual cover. Insurance Premium Tax is included.

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