Occupational health services and delivery

Our occupational health services focus on preventing work-related illnesses and injuries, protecting workers from occupational hazards, and promoting overall workplace health and safety.

Investing in workplace safety pays off.

Strong safety measures and occupational health practices significantly decrease employee injuries and accidents.

Legal and regulatory compliance.

Ensure that your organisation remains compliant with local, regional and national health and safety regulations.

Turn safety into savings.

Boost your budget with a healthy workforce.

Thriving employees, thriving business.

Preventative care, wellness programmes, and a safe workplace - the keys to a thriving team.

What's included?

We help you take better care of your employees and give you access to sickness absence prevention services

  • Virtual Clinics (video consultations with a qualified clinician)
  • First Day Absence (We are one of the very few providers of First Day Absence in the UK, which links absence to an Occupational Health consultation)
  • Occupational health advice line
  • Pre-employment medical examinations and periodic health check-ups

How it works

The solution for you

Each client has unique environments, exposures, and sickness absence procedures. Our experts assess your needs and craft the perfect solution, from confidential advice lines to on-site health checks, or even in-person clinic visits (where available) and ancillary services like counselling.


SEQOHS accredited

We are proud to be an SEQOHS accredited provider. The SEQOHS accreditation scheme is an integral part of the occupational health service landscape and the recognised industry standard.

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What's included

Medicals and employee safety

  • New starter health screening
  • New starter questionnaire (NSQ)
  • Workplace assessment
  • Health surveillance
  • Role-specific medicals (on-site medical examinations or at one of our nationwide clinics)
  • Diagnostic services & assessments
  • Musculoskeletal and ergonomics
  • Drug and alcohol testing (including policies and procedures, carrying out on-site testing, as well as getting full lab analysis of samples).

What's included

Mental health management

  • Mental wellbeing oversight: we offer access to structured therapeutic support
  • Neurodiversity screening and assessments

On-site support

Workplace safety solutions

  • Health and safety audits (impartial overview of the workplace with recommendations on how to make it a safer environment for employees)
  • Needs analysis (working closely with businesses to benchmark occupational health issues against industry standards and legislation)

Work and health advice

  • Fitness of employees for work, including those in specialised types of work requiring health surveillance.
  • Likely length of sickness absence due to illness or injury.
  • Rehabilitation and return to work plans.
  • Whether employees are likely to be afforded protection under relevant disability legislation, and the need for any workplace adjustments.
  • Procedural referrals under the company’s performance and attendance procedures.
  • Prevention of health risks arising from work.
  • Eligibility for ill health retirement.
  • Personal health problems affecting work e.g. problem drinking and substance abuse.

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