Health and wellbeing service

Life can prove a struggle at any point in time but, naturally, there will be a lot of people feeling anxious or depressed about the current health crisis. The threat of illness and the challenges of self-isolating can take a toll on your mental health but BHSF RISE is here to help.

BHSF RISE is our revolutionary service offering employees personalised, on-demand advice and support from a breadth of expert mental health, financial and legal providers – a package of support unequalled within the employee welfare industry.

What is BHSF RISE? Watch this short video to find out.

BHSF RISE is a tailored service built around an individual’s specific needs – in particular, their mental health wellbeing. No matter the complexity of an individual’s case, BHSF RISE will be by their side until a resolution is reached.

Currently, only 4-6% of employees use an EAP*, when in reality, the need is far greater with 40%* of absences currently due to mental health issues.

*Heidi Stewart, Group Chief Executive
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Make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of your employees.

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    BHSF RISE not only benefits employees, but it’s also great for employers:

    • The right support at the right time for everyone
    • Helps to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
    • Reduces stress and anxiety across your workforce
    • Saves you time, as our dedicated case managers will own each case where appropriate
    • Wider breadth of services and advice available
    • The ideal solution for your company’s wellbeing goals and commitments
    • Services which can be accessed via self-referral, by line managers or occupational health teams

    Key features and benefits available through BHSF RISE:

    • 24/7 counselling and advice line
    • 24/7 health and wellbeing advice and support
    • Face to face counselling service
    • 24/7 telephone access to personal legal information and support
    • 24/7 telephone access to personal financial and debt information and support
    • Access to a GP 24/7 online or by phone
    • Unlimited call length, no time restraints
    • Dedicated Case Manager
    • MyMindPal, an online interactive mental fitness tool
    • Comprehensive care and special needs support service provided by Grace Consulting
    • Psychiatric assessment and complex cases
    • Access to online resources including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy workbooks