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Business Health Plans

With just one day’s pay*, your employees could have access to:

  • Cashback on their everyday Dental & Optical costs
  • 24/7, 365-day access to a GP Helpline (phone or video chat)
  • Payment of NHS prescription charges
  • Cashback on their Physiotherapy sessions

Benefits to your business

Offering a Health Cash Plan to your employees isn't just great for them, it also adds value to your business.

Our health cash plans are a useful employee benefit that can help with staff retention and attracting new people.

Enhance morale and boost employee satisfaction. With our health cash plans you’re showing you’re invested in your workforce, increasing your level of engagement with them.

Reduce sick leave. Health cash plans can prevent minor issues growing into problems that lead to sick leave. It also helps employees return to work quicker should they need time off.

Power of One benefits

Employee Benefits That Matter

Imagine providing your employees with the ability to manage their healthcare expenses for an entire year, all for the equivalent of just one day’s pay*. Our Enterprise Plan empowers you to do just that, offering an array of benefits that meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Benefits include:

  • Dental & Optical: Help your team maintain healthy smiles and clear vision.
  • 24/7, 365-day access to a GP Helpline: Prompt access to medical professionals whenever your employees need it most.
  • NHS prescription charges: Help your team manage their health without the burden of prescription costs.
  • Physiotherapy sessions: Support physical wellness with cash reimbursements for physiotherapy sessions. 

We have four different levels of cover to choose from. Each level also includes A & B levels, which offer two levels of PMI (Private Medical Insurance) excess cover. With premiums starting from £5.50 per month (per employee), employees can choose to upgrade their policy or add their family – they just pay for the difference themselves via payroll deduction.

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Why choose BHSF?

There are great reasons to join BHSF. We’re a not-for-profit health and wellbeing provider with a proud history dating back to 1873. We're experts in Health Cash Plans and offer the following benefits:
Rapid claim reimbursement: We offer swift claim reimbursement, and we typically authorise eligible claims within 2 working days of receipt.
User friendly
User-friendly online portal: Our intuitive online portal simplifies claims submissions and allows your employees to manage their health cash plan effortlessly.
Exceptional service: Our team provides exceptional service, answering your questions, and addressing your needs promptly. We are rated Excellent on Trustpilot.
Inclusive coverage: Our plan welcomes all employees without any medical exams or assessments during enrolment.
Start saving from day 1: Your employees can begin claiming from the policy’s start date, as there is no waiting period in place.
Effortless: We believe that employee benefits should be straightforward and hassle-free. Our Enterprise Plan is designed to be effortless for both employers and employees, from enrolment to claims processing.

Our customers rate us as "excellent"**

Empower your workforce

Providing a health cash plan to your employees isn’t just about benefits – it also demonstrates your commitment to their wellbeing.

This care can have a positive influence on their overall job satisfaction, bolstering team dynamics.

Tailored to diverse sectors

We understand that different industries have unique healthcare needs. That’s why our Enterprise Plan caters to a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Care
  • Retail
  • Hospitality

Are you doing enough for your workforce? Click on each sector to discover a recent, eye-opening statistic that sheds light on the unique challenges these industries face.

It’s our commitment to ensure that your employees receive the support and benefits they need, no matter the industry they belong to.

Sources: Healthcare, Education, Care, Retail, Hospitality

How a health cash plan works with BHSF

It's as simple as four steps for your employees
Step 1

Employee books an appointment with a qualified practitioner (see policy terms and conditions for relevant qualifications).

Step 2

Employee receives their treatment and ensures they get a full detailed receipt.

Step 3

Employee logs onto their customer portal, uploads an image of the receipt to submit their claim.

Step 4

We verify the claim within 2 working days of receipt and reimburse the employee direct into their bank account.

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    *Based on the average Weekly Earnings in Accommodation and Food Service Activities, May 2023. Source: Office for National Statistics (ONS), released 15 August 2023, ONS website, statistical bulletin, Average weekly earnings in Great Britain: August 2023.

    **Our customers rated us as “Excellent” on Trustpilot as of 30th October 2023