Cancer insurance for employees

Providing employees with financial stability during times of uncertainty.

When life throws a curveball, be there for your team.

Our cancer insurance offers financial security during cancer treatment, giving your employees peace of mind.

Doesn't require a big wellbeing budget.

Employee-funded Plan4life cancer cover, they choose, you save.

Freedom in their hands.

Cancer cover they tailor to their needs, used how they see fit.

Beyond costs, we prioritise their health.

Empower employees to take care of themselves with any medical matter without sacrificing work time.

What's included?

Giving your employees one less thing to worry about

Our cancer insurance provides employees with a lump sum for cancer treatment - covering lost wages, medical costs, or even dream trips. This financial support empowers them to focus on recovery and wellbeing.

What's included?

Simplify benefits: Minimal setup, maximum impact

Give your employees access and set up some simple admin. Employees can opt into the cover that is right for them.


Employees pay as little as £6.93 per month*

There are four levels of cover to choose from. Our monthly premium starts from £6.93 per month (including Insurance Premium Tax) and employees can choose between individual and couple cover. To view all the different options available, speak to us.

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Policy Coverage and Important Information


Available to UK residents aged 16-68 when applying for a new policy or increasing coverage on an existing one.

For full details, exclusions, and terms & conditions, please see the policy documents. No advice has been given by BHSF in relation to the sale of this product. Benefits depend on the policy chosen. Request a copy of the policy by contacting us.

More features

Other benefits of our cancer cover insurance

Your employees will receive more than just financial support with Plan4life.

  • A fully qualified GP via our 24/7 telephone helpline. This way, employees can easily access GP support.
  • RedArc which is a personal nurse adviser service on weekdays from 9:00am - 5:00pm (excluding bank holidays).

Need to know

*Based on personal bronze cover, non-smoker. Smokers receive 50% of all cash sums

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