Mental health training courses and consultancy

With our mental health training and consultancy options, you'll be supported to tackle a crisis in the moment and in the future.

Disarm stigma.

Spark understanding, one conversation at a time.

Equip leaders and employees.

Develop a mentally healthy and high-performing culture.

Boost your bottom line.

Outsmart workplace woes like absenteeism and presenteeism.

Resolve conflict constructively.

Build bridges, not walls.

What's included?

Navigate critical incidents, resolve conflicts, and build a thriving workplace culture

Create a safe and supportive workplace culture with our consultancy services (full list below). This includes our Critical Incident Support (CIS) services which guide employers through challenging situations with employee mental health at the forefront.

Looking for training courses to prevent a crisis? We have a range of courses from Mental Health First Aid courses to understanding menopause.

Consultancy Support

We navigate crisis, from start to finish

Pre-incident: Plan and prevent. Analyse risks, craft policies, train personnel.
During crisis: Respond rapidly. Experts on-scene within 48 hours for immediate support.
After crisis: Heal and recover. Consultations, group debriefs, and ongoing guidance.

Mental Health Support Training

We tailor our training to your business needs

Free consultation: Our team identifies your unique requirements.
Flexible options: We offer full-day or half-day training, delivered online or on-site.
Expert delivery: Practicing counsellors bring their expertise and experience to life.

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