Online discounts

Stretch those paychecks! Give your employees access to exclusive discounts on their favourite brands. More savings, less financial stress.

Invest in your employees' financial wellbeing.

Watch their stress decrease and their productivity soar as they take control of their finances.

Stand out, attract, retain.

Invest in benefits, not just paychecks.

Endless choices, unbeatable deals.

More choices, more savings for your happy team.

Benefits simplified: One stop, endless perks.

Give your employees access to everything they need with ease. One platform, endless possibilities.

What's included?

Show you care, beyond the paycheck

Encourage your employees to save with our Network Benefits, which you can also find as part of our wellbeing support app. We offer a range of exclusive discounts from everyday essentials to family entertainment.

How It works

Admin done, discounts unlocked!

Once you have set up some simple admin and customised the platform with your logo, brand colours and chosen name, your employees will instantly unlock a world of discounts, from groceries to dining and entertainment.

Additional services

Online discounts are included in your wellness support package

Boost your employees' wellbeing with our BHSF wellbeing support app. Unlock a world of online discounts and resources for your employees, included within your subscription.

Important Information

Everything you need to know about Network Benefits.

Unique access: Instant access to a world of discounts and resources through a customised scheme ID and URL.
Bragging rights: Easy marketing tools to shout about your awesome perks.
Sustainable savings, no surprises: 12-month access, easy renewals.

Unlock online discounts for your employees

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