Personal accident insurance for employees

Financially support your employees when the unexpected happens.

Family covered, recovery prioritised.

Shield both employees and their families with financial help when illness strikes.

Global adventures, stress-free.

We've got your team covered with personal accident cover that travels with them.

Boost employee wellbeing without breaking the bank.

Our personal accident insurance is funded by your employees, keeping things simple.

Going beyond just employees.

Let them choose protection that covers their loved ones, prepared for any scenario.

What's included?

No one plans for accidents to happen – they just do

With our personal accident insurance (also known as personal injury insurance), you can protect your employees and their families by providing them with a significant lump sum if they find themselves involved in an accident.

How It works

Completely free for you

Our personal accident insurance is completely free to you as an employer. All you need to do is give your employees access, we’ll take care of the rest. They can then opt into the policy, which can include family cover. Payments are taken directly from their monthly salary, via payroll deduction.

What's covered

From desk to destinations

We've got employees covered in the workplace, at home, out and about, and even on holiday. With our financial back-up plan in place, employees are free to get on with their lives.

What isn't covered


  • War/civil commotion/terrorism
  • Self-inflicted injury/suicide/attempted suicide/misuse of drugs and alcohol
  • Dangerous activities, including bungee jumping, mountaineering, rock climbing, diving, snowboarding and skiing, etc.
  • Sickness or disease not resulting from an injury
  • Currently deployed overseas with the Armed Forces or on extended leave abroad (over 3 months).

    For a full list of what is covered and what isn't covered please read our full policy details.


Employees pay as little as £3.72 per month¹

There are three levels of cover to choose from with our monthly premium starting from £3.72 per month (including Insurance Premium Tax) and will differ based on the benefit level and type of policy chosen. Employees just need to be aged 16 or over when they apply, and be a resident of the UK.

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Types of cover

Your team protected: Choose the right cover

Individual: Safeguards your employees (For single parents, their children are also covered up until their 18th birthday, or their 23rd birthday if they remain in full-time education and permanently reside with the employee).

Family: Extends security to their spouse/civil partner/permanent partner and children.

Frequently asked questions

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Need to know

¹Based on Bronze Individual cover. Insurance Premium Tax is included.

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