Employee health and wellbeing services

24/7 mental health support

A telephone service (so no human contact required) which employees can call night or day, 7 days a week and speak to a fully qualified mental health expert.

Physical distancing, isolation or the very natural concerns people have for themselves and loved ones during the pandemic can be deeply troubling but with this service they can always speak to someone who can help. People will also be case managed through the process so will speak to the same case manager each time.

24/7 GP Helpline

Throughout the pandemic we will follow government advice and therefore anyone describing symptoms of or suspecting they have Coronavirus will be referred to NHS-111.

However, Coronavirus is not the only illness that can affect people, and for everything else employees have access to qualified doctors anytime, anywhere. This is an extremely busy time for A&Es and GP surgeries but our service means employees can speak to an expert at their own convenience.

Carer Support

One in ten people in the UK are carers and many care for individuals who will be vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

It is understandable they could need advice on a number of things such as getting food into the house whilst maintaining social distancing, helping with medication or just the best way to keep their loved one company. Carer Support can give those employees the advice that they need.

Debt and welfare support services

The pandemic has had a big impact on the economy leading to a troubling financial time for many. Our service allows employees to talk to a debt or welfare benefits adviser about the options available to them, in an effort to maximise the financial support they receive.

If anyone is unfortunate enough to have lost their job, or had their contracted working hours reduced, we may be able to signpost them to services allowing them to claim in and out of work benefits.

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