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Is sickness absence costing your business money? According to statistics from Breathe, unexplained sick days cost the UK economy around £1.4bn a year*.

Our First Day Absence service will help you reduce this cost and the impact absence has on your productivity And we are working alongside Honeydew Health to provide this proactive support so employees return to work quickly.

We’re one of a very few providers of First Day Absence in the UK which links absence to an Occupational Health consultation.

The employee simply calls the Honeydew Health Absence line within a few hours of their first day absence to say they are absent from work.  We will arrange for a BHSF Occupational Health Advisor to contact the employee on the same day. After a 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss the reason for absence, recommendations will be made for the employee‘s return to work. This report is then sent back to the employer on the same day so the employer gets instant feedback.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Reduce absence rates
  • Helps to identify hotspots in job roles/sites for certain conditions which can support proactive planning
  • Allows access to real-time absence data – immediate access to reports from an Occupational Health Advisor
  • Helps to get your employees back to work quicker
  • Allows managers to organise return to work interviews giving accurate knowledge of an employee’s return date
  • Offers the employee an instant clinical consultation which is a real benefit
  • One of our existing customers has already seen the commercial benefits this service can deliver –  a return on investment (ROI) of £3 for every £1 spent in addition to the above benefits

Our First Day Absence is available at £2.50 per employee per month to access the portal and £65 for each First Day Absence call. With annual sickness days costing around £554** per employee, this could be a more cost effective solution for you.



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