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Keeping your employees fit and healthy

Help your employees manage their own health and wellbeing

We help employers improve the health and wellbeing of their employees by offering staff access to a free online health assessment. Powered by the team at Healthy Performance, MyWellbeingCheck is designed to measure, review and improve their overall wellbeing.

How does it work?

Completed by the employee, each online assessment takes less than 10 minutes to fill in. A personalised dashboard will highlight areas where employees are doing well and other areas that may need improving.

Supporting this is a comprehensive ‘Take 5’ wellbeing library with useful resources and information to help employees make positive lifestyle changes.

Wellbeing Check

24/7 access to an online lifestyle assessment tool that allows employees to assess habits and manage their own health and wellbeing. Taking just a few minutes to complete, the tool provides them with a personalised dashboard and report, covering:

  • Movement and sitting
  •  Stress
  • Nutrition
  •  Sleep
  •  Alcohol and smoking
  • Cardiovascular
  •  Resistance training

In addition, employees will receive a personalised ‘wellbeing’ age, ‘wellbeing score’ and ‘wellbeing risk calculation’ (10 year risk of cardiovascular disease).

Benefits to employers:

  • Supporting employees in managing their own health, fitness and wellbeing
  • Reduce sickness and absence
  • Desirable employee benefit

Benefits to employees:

  • Enable employees to continuously monitor their own health
  • Employees can use videos/podcasts to support this journey

Benefits of staying active

Start making a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of your employees today.

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