Occupational health delivery

We intervene early, get employees access to specialists and work closely with businesses to prevent future issues


Convenient for employers and allows us to understand how businesses work from the inside

On-site services mean we can:

  • Build strong relationships
  • Ensure continuity
  • Reduce lost time – employees are only away for their appointment time
  • Allow us to offer more services
  • Cut out travel for employees
  • Increase buy-in from both employees and unions

We work closely with HR and Health and Safety teams – providing guidance and advice on any employee health and wellbeing issue.

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Or at one of our clinics

Employees can come to one of our local clinics across the UK

We’ve got a number of occupational health clinics across the country. These are ideal for regional or remote staff who aren’t based on-site, but still need our services. 

Clinic appointments with one of our occupational health advisors can range from 10 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the service.

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Remote services

Telephone consultations

All sickness absence referrals are triaged so that we can provide employees with the most appropriate help. In some cases, where there doesn’t need to be a physical examination, one of our occupational health advisors may be able to speak to an employee over the phone.

Medical questionnaire screening

For paper or online-based medical screenings, we may want to follow up with employees or get more info. This can often be done over the phone.

OH adviceline

Our telephone service supports line managers and HR teams with any employee health or wellbeing problems that they’re not sure how to deal with. We’re just on the other end of the phone, ready to help.

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