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According to our own research, employees take on average 8.4 sick days a year due to poor mental health.

BHSF’s Virtual Clinics give employees an opportunity to have video consultations with a qualified clinician anytime, anywhere.

Particularly in the current climate, it is essential to have a solution which offers you expert medical advice without having to leave your home or have a physical interaction.

Our video consultations are the solution to that problem allowing employees to speak to an occupational health physician at their own convenience from the comfort of their own home.

One of the pitfalls of having a telephone consultation is not having that face to face interaction which would be beneficial for those suffering with mental health issues. Our online video consultations remove that barrier offering a more effective solution. This is also imperative with social isolation becoming more prevalent.

As part of Virtual Clinics, there is also the additional option of an interpreting service. The service offers translations in over 30 languages including British Sign Language which removes the reliance on colleagues to support with interpretation.

Employees will have the opportunity to access their appointments using either a laptop, Ipad or smart-phone.

So what are the benefits to the employer?

  •  Employees get speedier access to appointments at their convenience without the need for physical interaction
  • This early intervention can lead to a speedier return to work and prevent illness from spreading to other employees
  • Those self-isolating have access to both medical and mental health consultations from the comfort of their own home
  • Expert clinicians can advise on when it is safe for someone to return to work.
  •  Offers a more engaged general consultation experience between the employee and clinician leading to better customer satisfaction and more effective outcomes


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