An increasing number of people are making the most of the BHSF Connect app to improve their health and wellbeing during these unprecedented times.

With nine bespoke features, BHSF Connect pulls together the very best in health, fitness and lifestyle guidance as well as 24/7 access to GPs and medical specialists. It also covers support for carers, money management, legal advice, and even cyber safety.

Once an employer purchases BHSF Connect, their workforce will have all of these essential services at their fingertips.

It really is one of the best health and wellbeing companions you can have; and existing clients have certainly been making the most of it during lockdown.

Over the last three months there has been a 107 per cent increase in utilisation of the discounted gym memberships offered on the app, while access to the quick and easy ‘wellbeing check’ is up 55 per cent over the same period.

“There is so much on the app I sometimes forget exactly how much myself,” said leading clinician Dr Lucinda McWhor.

“Since lockdown it has been much harder for people to access help through their GPs in terms of things like counselling, so Connect has been very useful from that point of view.

“It’s a great time-saving app too. Generally, if you want any sort of medical or health and wellbeing advice, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to look. But with the Connect app it’s all in one place.

“And people have obviously been finding the app really useful during the pandemic which is fantastic to see.”

Visit BHSF Connect to find out more about what BHSF Connect can do for you and your workforce