“I didn’t see myself as someone who would ever phone a helpline, much less need counselling. It turns out that the BHSF RISE helpline allowed me to get my life back on track.”

The pain of losing his fiancée in a motorbike accident two years earlier caused John, 52, to suffer a panic attack. Allied to an increase in alcohol consumption, an ill-fated stint of online gambling and official warnings in his construction industry job due to regular lateness and a perceived dip in performance, John decided to access the support services offered to his employer by BHSF RISE.

John was booked in for an assessment with the BHSF RISE clinical case manager on the same day as his initial phone call. BHSF RISE gives clients access to 24/7 psychological support and access to a full assessment to establish a diagnosis and, more importantly, immediate entry into a bespoke treatment pathway which negates the often-lengthy NHS waiting lists.

John received a full clinical assessment via a secure virtual clinic and was quickly diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. He was provided with psychoeducation materials which explained the rationale for treatment and the treatment options available to him. These materials often have a therapeutic effect as they may be the first time a client understands their symptoms. John soon realised the impact his bereavement, alcohol consumption and gambling were having on himself, his family and his job.

John’s BHSF RISE case manager, Rebecca, co-ordinated his care and ensured fast-track referral into the wide range of services available, including 16 sessions with a therapist who specialises in addiction and trauma. John remained in work the whole time while specialist psychological treatment helped him manage his gambling addiction and reduce his alcohol intake.

He was also referred to the financial services and 24/7 legal services teams. The financial team offered debt management advice and payment plans while the legal team helped manage the court process in relation to John’s mortgage arrears and the potential re-possession of his home due to his gambling debts.

Other BHSF RISE support services, such as the physical health service and the option of carer support, are paramount to ensure a 360-degree approach in helping the client achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

BHSF RISE case managers are experienced, qualified clinicians who are able to support clients throughout their journey, ensuring all their needs are met.

“I cannot thank Rebecca enough,” said John, who, through BHSF RISE, also had 24/7 access to a GP. “She kept in touch with me every two weeks and each area of my life was addressed.

“I’m now able to tell my colleagues that I was struggling. I can see how it can happen to any of us and I’m not ashamed to speak up.

“Having access to all of BHSF RISE’s services is something I will always appreciate and value.”

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