Make Kindness The Norm 

Alongside Stay Safe, has anyone else noticed that Be Kind seems to have become another popular sign-off?

So it’s a sign of the (challenging) times then that a focus of this year’s Random Acts of Kindness Day is to ‘Make Kindness the Norm’.

A Random Act of Kindness is all about taking that extra, conscious step to brighten somebody’s day. There are so many ways that you can join in, spread some kindness and positivity and possibly make someone’s day.

At BHSF, our CSR and Wellbeing committees are teaming up to support Hampers for Heroes for this year’s Random Acts of Kindness Day. The community interest company delivers care packages to keyworkers in need, including those working on ICU wards caring for coronavirus patients, teachers, care home workers and more. The packages can include refreshments like juice, tea and coffee, chocolate treats like Lindt (who recently donated 1,000 chocolates), and practical items like Rescue Remedy or wellbeing books. Crucially they also offer wellbeing support, such as counselling for those working on coronavirus wards, in a bid to tackle the mental health crisis brought on by the pandemic.

Hampers for Heroes runs on donations and volunteers, so we’re encouraging our teams to volunteer time if they are able to, and pointing them to the Hampers for Heroes website donations page should they be able to make a monetary donation.

So let’s celebrate kindness because we know everyone can use more of it in their lives. Even with the smallest act of kindness, the day seems a little bit brighter and the week seems a little more manageable.

One of our colleagues, Dearvla Gorman, is already volunteering: “I was inspired to help Hampers for Heroes after speaking with my friend who works as a midwife in Belfast. She struggles with anxiety in normal circumstances, and this was worsened by the pandemic when her anxiety and stress levels rose even more when just before Christmas she was redeployed to work on a Covid-19 ward.

“I felt so powerless and unable to help and I thought there must be many other keyworkers who are struggling just like her. When I heard what Hampers for Heroes were doing and how passionate they are about bringing light to our keyworkers and reminding them how appreciated they are, I wanted to be involved. I now help with their social media posts and with the delivery and collection of hampers, and whilst it’s just a little thing, it makes me feel like I’m doing something to help heroes like my friend.”

To read more about the work of Hampers for Heroes, visit or take a look at their social media channels.