BHSF has created a community hub called Inner Peace to coincide with World Mental Health Day [Saturday 10 October].

Inner Peace is an online platform which allows users to share their experiences and mental health journeys.

There are many ways to heighten your sense of wellbeing during these unprecedented times – but we believe one of the most effective ways is simply to share. We want people to open up, to let us know what they’re going through, let us know how they’re coping and whether they have any tips they’d like to offer.

BHSF head of marketing Hayley Holland said: “The key aim of this campaign is to encourage people to be open about sharing their personal stories of struggle and how they have found their inner peace.

“We believe everyone has inner peace but sometimes it gets hidden or lost along the way as we tackle day-to-day mental health challenges.

“Sharing survival stories could be a way of giving hope to someone else. We wanted to create a community space on our website where people can drop in from time to time, read the stories and realise they are not alone.”

Although each post will appear anonymously, every person who shares their story will automatically be entered into a free prize draw to win an Inner Peace painting by Birmingham artist Laura Tinald-Jackson.

Competition winners will be announced in December.