This year’s National Work Life Week (12-16 October) feels a bit different.

With thousands of us forced to work from home for most of the year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been away from our workplace a lot more than we are used to.

But even though we might be spending hours on the sofa with our laptops open, or with our phone glued to our ear, it’s still crucial that we find the time to separate our work and home life.

And Working Families has produced a thorough toolkit to help businesses of all sizes ensure their employees experience the best of both worlds.

Employers are being encouraged to create work that works for families, people, and the economy.

Download the Working Families National Work Life Week toolkit

Even though it may be difficult to at times, there are a number of things employees can do to try and achieve a better work life balance.

Tips for home-based employees:

  • Try not to look at your phone for at least an hour after you wake up
  • Leave your phone downstairs when you go to bed
  • If you have young children, put your phone down for an hour around bath and bedtime
  • Try not to eat your meals in the same room in which you work
  • Go for a walk outside some time during the day
  • Try to find just 15 minutes a day for some form of exercise.

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