Halloween is a time of year synonymous with scares, shocks and frights.

Yet, courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have already had to live through a hellish 2020 which would pale the festival of Samhain into insignificance.

BHSF has got one goal – to keep employees in work and healthy. Subsequently, we boast a range of products and services which can help businesses and employees cope with the ghastly goings-on of the last 12 months:

Decline in mental health

With nine bespoke features, the BHSF Connect app pulls together the very best in health, fitness and lifestyle guidance, including access to a confidential helpline offering counselling, advice and support. It’s available to employees if they’re feeling stressed, worried or dealing with personal issues or bereavement.

BHSF Connect benefits your business by:

  • Reducing mental health issues across your workforce
  • Increasing employee engagement and motivation
  • Improving absenteeism rates
  • Saving time and money.

Services include:

  • A 24/7 telephone helpline – Connecting you to a clinically trained and qualified expert
  • Information and advice – Providing practical information and advice on a wide range of issues which affect daily life, from health, legal enquiries and much more
  • Structured support – Up to six sessions of structured phone or face-to-face support, if a counsellor thinks it’s clinically appropriate.

Additionally, and to coincide with World Mental Health Day, BHSF launched ‘Inner Peace’, an online community hub that allows users to share their experiences and mental health journeys. It was recently hailed as an “immeasurable” form of therapy.

Coping with isolation

Being stuck at home for weeks on end, away from friends and family, will obviously take its toll.

But employees can call BSHF’s telephone service night or day, seven days a week, and speak to a fully qualified mental health expert.

Isolation, social distancing, or the very natural concerns people have for themselves and their loved ones during the pandemic can be deeply troubling, but with this service they can speak to someone who can help whenever they need to. Employees will be case-managed throughout the process and will speak to the same case manager each time.

Coronavirus is not the only illness that can affect people, and for everything else, employees will have access to qualified doctors anytime, anywhere. This is an extremely busy time for A&Es and GP surgeries but our service means employees can speak to an expert at their own convenience.

Coping with redundancy/job loss

Thanks to a partnership with Auriga Financial Group, the BHSF Connect app also provides expert, impartial and confidential financial advice. An experienced advisor will help you:

  • Budget better
  • Negotiate payment arrangements with creditors
  • Check that you are receiving the correct benefits and help you realise any unclaimed benefit.

And what’s even better is that you can refer yourself so you don’t have to go through your employer.

Health and fitness

Use of the BHSF Connect app rose by 107 per cent at the height of lockdown as employees sought to improve their health and wellbeing during such an unprecedented time.

Employees can use the app to complete a quick-and-easy ‘Wellbeing check’, effectively an interactive online health assessment.

And they can save money with over 3,200 gyms, health clubs and boot camps, including Fitness First and Virgin Active.

BHSF RISE is a tailored mental health and wellbeing service which provides unlimited, ongoing specialist support built around an individual’s specific needs. If you or anyone you know is struggling with their mental health, we’re here to help.

Call 0121 454 3601 or e-mail [email protected].

BHSF’s approach to occupational health is simple – we intervene early and give employees access to the specialists they need.