Where and when did you do yours? Yesterday was Census Day – the once-a-decade and now online questionnaire that will capture a snapshot of life in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

28m UK households were expected to take part in the census, which aside from being the first solely online gathering of mass data, will naturally be unlike any other as the pandemic is likely to skew answers on work and health.

“It’s going to be fascinating,” said Peter Benton, the ONS’s director in charge of the census. “There has never been a more important time to take a snapshot. We have just left the European Union, we have the impact of the pandemic and we will be able to see that in the census statistics.”

The answers will shed a light on the current reality that we are all facing, something that will be essential to our long-term understanding of the health, social and economic impacts on the people and households right across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This snapshot will inform decisions on public services to meet the needs of our changing society for years to come.

Exploring, reflecting and preparing is exactly what we will be doing tomorrow, Tuesday 23 March.

We are supporting the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce – Growth Through People Conference taking place this March.

Against the backdrop of the West Midlands economy being particularly impacted by the pandemic plus the changes brought about by Brexit, our chief medical officer Dr Philip McCrea will be co-presenting a thought-provoking workshop on developing the resilience of your business, to ensure growth throughout 2021.

The workshop will explore how businesses can establish an effective, long-term framework to support employees – in person and remotely – struggling with their physical and mental health, and boost overall resilience. We’ll also be discussing being prepared for possible future economic shocks.

Register and find out more here.