We have partnered with fintech start-up pirkx, to ensure that the self-employed aren’t left out in the cold when it comes to workplace wellbeing provision. 

Keeping employees physically, mentally and financially healthy has been a core pillar of the corporate HR strategy for many years, and is set to gather further momentum as a result of the pandemic. But for the rapidly growing self-employed segment of the workforce, plus the enigmatic gig economy, such support is severely lacking.

There are more than five million self-employed people in the UK, earning an average of £781 a month. The number rose fast since the 2008 financial crash and is set to rise again as a result of the seismic impact of the last year on employment levels and patterns. The status of the self-employed has made many a headline, whether as a result of their exclusion from coronavirus income support grants or through legal rulings over whether they should be treated as ‘workers’ with all the legal rights which that should attract.

Chris Snookes, head of commercial partnerships at BHSF:

“Partnering with the team at pirkx helps us extend the reach of our services to those who are missing out – and arguably who need the protection of accessible, specialist care more than ever. That we are a not-for-profit organisation makes us another great fit for the pirkx customer base as they can be confident that we’re putting their needs first every time.”

Stella Smith founder and CEO of pirkx:

“We founded pirkx early in 2019 because until then, only employees of corporates got access to any kind of wellbeing benefits. We wanted to create something affordable which brought these to everyone, regardless of employment status. Partnering with an experienced force like BHSF means we can tap in to the best in class for clinical expertise and blend it with our flexible and affordable delivery platform.

“Everyone from a small and medium sized company or an association, charity or club can offer pirkx as a way to engage their members and employees. Self-employed individuals such as sole traders, contractors and freelancers can join pirkx and they and their families can access the health and financial wellbeing benefits for the price of £4.50 per month; that’s less than an extra-large coffee!”

The pirkx offer is comfortable territory for the Netflix generation that currently consumes so much via on demand subscription services. Like a gym class or fresh pasta box, it can be readily paused or cancelled and is all managed via an app-based dashboard.

Users can plug into a personalised, on-demand service with access to the BHSF 24/7 GP helpline and specialised mental health counselling. A host of non-clinical support such as money advice and training courses all sit alongside a curated package of benefits and discounts to help individuals extend their income spending potential.

Why not discover more about pirkx or talk to us about workplace wellbeing, whatever your set-up.