Manufacturing organisation Tobermore is the latest company to introduce the BHSF Connect app to its workforce.

With nine bespoke features, BHSF Connect pulls together the very best in health and wellbeing, fitness and lifestyle guidance as well as 24/7 access to GPs and medical specialists. It also covers support for carers, money management, legal advice, and even cyber safety.

Tobermore gained access to the app on 12 August, as businesses across the land continue to search for new ways to support the physical and mental health of their employees during this unprecedented period.

“The BHSF Connect app really is a one-stop shop for all your health and wellbeing needs,” said leading clinician Dr Lucinda McWhor.

“Put simply, there is expert physical and mental health support at your employees’ fingertips whenever they need it.”

Employees can make online appointments directly through the app and receive one-to-one counselling sessions from a team of qualified medical professionals. They also have access to an abundance of factsheets and online videos.

David Henderson, managing director at Tobermore, said: “All of us can experience pressure from different parts of our lives from time to time, whether it’s personal, work or financial.

“These factors can make life difficult, so it’s essential we have the necessary tools and support available.

“By providing our team with the best support, everyone can reach their full potential.”

Visit BHSF Connect to find out more about what BHSF Connect can do for you and your workforce