The physical and mental health of recording artists is becoming a growing issue. Statistics from Help Musicians UK published in ‘Can Music Make You Sick’ found that 71% of musicians suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, with 65% saying they have issues with depression.

In recent years, a number of artists have spoken publicly about their mental health struggles including: Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow and Bruce Springsteen1.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat, Beabadoobee opened up about her mental health and a piece of advice from her counsellor that has stuck.

“Every time you get nervous, replace that word with excitement because they’re very similar things.

“So instead of saying I’m terrified, I’m excited to play at the O2.”

Beabadoobee thanked her label mates The 1975 and fans for their support.

“I appreciate every single person that listens to my music and I want to meet them, it’s just really hard, mentally and also physically.

“They help me out when I feel sad or overwhelmed. They tell me it’s normal and understand completely.

“You always have to put yourself first. Sometimes it’s really hard to care about yourself more than you care about other people. That’s something I’m working on.”

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