There is no denying that there can be seasonal variations in our mental health when the days are short and nights are long. And of course, the pandemic has eroded so many of the things that normally protect our mental health, making this January especially tough. But we should absolutely be thinking about our mental health every day of the year, not just when a day carries a label.

Stark is the reality that 40% of workplace absence is due to mental health issues and this is projected to be in the region of 70% by 2023.

The working world has changed considerably over the last 20 months, and while flexible working policies and home offices are becoming more normalised, the mental health crisis appears to be growing. Each individual is different, and employers have a difficult task in creating an inclusive environment for all staff to feel confident to openly discuss their struggles.

As a result of the pandemic, many have experienced physical, mental, financial problems for the first time and those who were already struggling are finding things even harder.

We offer employees fast track, targeted support when they are struggling. In fact, last Monday (10th January) our counselling team experienced the busiest volume of calls to date, in the shape of a 33% increase in daily calls. Driving factors behind some of these ‘blue’ feelings have included anxiety over job security for the year ahead, financial concerns and dependency pressures.

The HR leaders we work with appreciate that it is one of their biggest responsibilities to ensure they have the right package of health and wellbeing care in place, because it needs to be delivered at a time when an individual is really at their most vulnerable.

Our services not only help employees, but also employers, by consistently going the distance in terms of connecting someone with the specialist skills required quickly and accessibly.

Employees can access personalised, on-demand advice from a breadth of expert mental health, financial and legal providers. That it is a tailored service built around an individual’s specific needs, in particular their mental health wellbeing, ensures that no matter the complexity of a case, the BHSF team will be by their side until a resolution is reached.

We’re proud that we can make a difference to struggling employees all year round, providing everything from a friendly, impartial ear, to fast track access to specialist guidance.

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