Legal advice helpline

Our legal helpline offers free legal advice from top law firm, Irwin Mitchell. Accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, this employee benefit goes beyond the typical ‘information’ service. Available through our EAP, comprehensive EAP, and wellbeing support app.

Employee wellbeing.

Offering free legal support shows care for employees and helps them with legal matters.

Employee productivity and peace of mind.

Employee access to legal guidance boosts efficiency and reduces workplace distractions.

Retention and recruitment.

It's a valuable perk that enhances your overall benefits package, and can attract top talent during recruitment.

Improved employer-employee relations.

Build trust with employees by demonstrating a commitment to their overall wellbeing.

What's included?

Round-the-clock legal support

Your employees gain 24/7 access to over 30 dedicated legal advisors from Irwin Mitchell, offering expertise on various subjects throughout the year:

  • Employment law
  • Family law
  • Property law
  • Wills and disputes over estates
  • Insurance claims
  • Neighbour disputes

and much more.

How it works

For employees using our wellbeing support app

  1. Access the app and click on the "Legal Helpline" tile
  2. Click "Call an Advisor"
  3. The call will then be connected through to Irwin Mitchell

How it works

For employees using EAP & Comprehensive EAP

  1. Call their dedicated 24/7 helpline
  2. Select the relevant option for the Legal Helpline
  3. The call will then be connected through to Irwin Mitchell

How to get our legal advice helpline

Select a wellbeing package with us

The legal helpline forms part of our Employee Assistance Programme services (EAP), comprehensive EAP, as well as our wellbeing support app.

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Need to know

Documents associated to ongoing or upcoming legal cases cannot be reviewed or created, nor can any advice be given specific to a current legal case. However, generalised opinions can be made on what the best course of action would be.

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Get in touch and we can discuss the range of wellbeing packages we offer, which include our legal advice helpline.

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