The Big Return:

The post-COVID return to work and the hidden costs of the pandemic

We surveyed 2,000 of the UK’s working population who have worked from home during the pandemic to understand the impact of COVID on employees.


The insight is designed to act as a catalyst for the development of clear strategies and tactics to support employees, not only over the coming months, but also in the coming years, as we come out of a life-changing pandemic and begin to return to normal.

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Key Findings

50.5% of employees say their employer has not provided any health and wellbeing support during the pandemic

48% of UK workers do not inform employers when suffering from mental health, physical health, grief, finance or drug or alcohol issues

45% described their feelings about the return to work negatively (36% are a little anxious, 9% are deeply concerned)

70% of employers agree that the seriousness with which my employer treats employee health and wellbeing, including work-life balance, is more important to me compared to a year ago

66% feel the last 12 months have negatively impacted their career in some way

69% of furloughed staff feel anxious about returning to work

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