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We help our customers keep their employees physically, mentally and financially healthy

Established in 1873, we are one of the oldest names in healthcare serving over 5,000 public and private sector businesses across the UK. This translates into support for over 1.7million individuals through our health insurance policies, employee benefits and occupational health solutions.

Life can prove a struggle at any point in time, but naturally, there have been a lot more people feeling anxious about the current health crisis. Employers are faced with helping their teams navigate through a whole new set of health concerns; many have experienced problems for the first time and those who were already struggling are finding things even harder. The impact of Covid-19 on healthcare workers’ mental wellbeing is unprecedented – they are facing burnout and a decline in their mental health. Healthcare workers are on the frontline of the pandemic caring for our nation, but their health and wellbeing needs to be cared for too.

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Navigating through these challenges requires tailored support and specialist skills.

Our health and wellbeing services are comprehensive; offering a wealth of options to connect healthcare workers to emotional, financial and legal support, yet with the depth required to reach those people who need specialist care quickly and easily.

We create robust partnerships with our clients, based on the specific needs of their teams and operational structures.

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