Managed Healthcare Services

Provide your employees with swift access to quality health & wellbeing services

We all understand the pressure that the NHS is under. Pressure that has significantly heightened during the pandemic.

Waiting times and delays for traditional NHS diagnosis and treatment have lengthened considerably and the associated sickness absence costs for employers are an ongoing concern.

BHSF Managed Healthcare Services is a ground-breaking solution that utilises unused capacity within the healthcare system to speed up waiting times, reduce sickness absence levels and facilitate a faster return to work.

We navigate our way through the healthcare maze to provide the employee with the most effective care pathway back to health, including innovative services like NHS e-Referral (an easy way for patients to book their first hospital or clinic appointment).

How it works

Our case management service uses both NHS and private resources to find the most effective care pathway available.

Accessible to any employee within the scheme, we will work closely with the patient to understand their particular condition, engage with them from day one, offer different care options and help them to navigate an often complex system. Quite simply, we take the patient by the hand and walk them through every stage of the process.

Our case managers will review NHS capabilities, availability and private provision in different trusts and regions across the country.

Rather than suggesting 100% private treatment, they may feel the case is better served by using the NHS, or a combination blending both private and NHS provision. Allowing patients to be diagnosed and treated in the most effective way, from both a cost and a time perspective.

Care is patient-centric and all about finding the right treatment, at the right time and in the right place.

With years of experience in managing cases through the NHS and private sector, waiting times can be reduced across each pathway, saving weeks for each patient.

It is not a case of queue- jumping; our case managers lock in unused resources from the NHS, helping them improve their efficiency, too.

How the employer benefits

  • All employees can be supported through the entire care pathway – from initial consultation to rehab to their return to work
  • Employees can access fast, quality health care
  • Reduction in waiting times will make a significant impact on sickness absence costs and facilitates a quicker return to work
  • Demonstrable ROI
  • Employers meet their duty of care

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